Thursday 22 June - 20h30 - 'La Grange'

We have titled the first evening of our Festival "An Enchanted Evening". The concert will be a collection of modern and contemporary music, interpreted by local singers and musicians as well as the Léran Choir and children from the Léran School.

A special feature of the evening will be performance of "Cook's Tours", a musical performance by the Leran Choir. We will tell the story of the famous English travel agent Thomas Cook who became famous for organising travel all around the World. With songs written by Leran's choirmaster Alan Simmons, and accompanied by a commentary in both English and French as well as film and pictures, we will hear how Thomas and his son created their travel agency.

This concert will enjoy free entry but we strongly advise you to contact us to reserve tickets as we expect many people to come to this concert.

If you enjoy the concert, we invite you to make a donation in the hat which will be provided, but there is no obligation to do this.

Festival 2023

Previous Years

We have gathered many memories during the 9 previous

festivals, and here you can view some of the photographs

taken in previous years.